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The End Of Your World - maybe in 2012

The end of your world most likely will not be in 2012. 

But for some, 2012 will be the end of the world.

It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, tall or short, healthy or sick, live in the city or the jungle, wise or stupid, black, white, yellow or striped... one day it will be the end of the world for you because one day you will die!  And based on world mortality rates, around 54,750,000 people will die in 2012.  For these people, it will be the end of the world, this world.  And the reality is that you could be one of them!

It's the reality of your mortality.

How do you know that you're not going to get diagnosed with a terminal disease or die in an accident.  If you're 20 or older, even younger, it's most likely that you have know people who have died.  They could be family, friends, work mates, a neighbour....  Maybe you've even had a lucky escape with death yourself.  But you won't escape it forever.

A lot of people don't want to think about death and the end of their world here on earth.

Two men were having a lunch break at their work.  One said to other other (who was reading the newspaper), "You know, there's one thing you'll never read in the paper."  The man reading the paper replied, "What's that?"  The first man answered, "Your own death notice."  Laughter!  The first man then asked the second man what they thought happened after they died.  The second man replied, "I try hard not to think about that!" 

While we live with the reality that we could die any day, and it's important to prepare for that day (life insurance, a will etc.) we also need to take some time to think about what happens after we die.  What happens when it's the end of the world for us?  Be that 2012 or later.

Is death the end, do you just rot in the ground?  Or do you actually have a soul that lives on after your body dies?  If so, where does the soul go and does the way we live in this life make any difference to where we go in the next. 

Most people, even if they are not religious, would consider themselves good people. 

There is this thought in the back of their minds that if  there is a God and if he is good, then surely he'll understand that they are not perfect but that deep down, they are a good person.  This, they hope, will be enough to get them a spot in heaven, if heaven exists.  Their thought is is that if there is a hell, only really evil people will go there... not people like them.  And if per chance they don't reach the standard for heaven and deserve hell, well, the thought is, "God is a loving God so he will forgive me and still let me into heaven."

Hmmm, if you stood before a human judge after being convicted by clear evidence and confessing  your guilt to a criminal act, would the judge just forgive you and let you go.  Well, if your crime was against the judge, he/she might forgive you.  But as for letting you go.... it's not going to happen.  You did the crime, you do the time, or pay the fine.

But instead of waiting till you die to see if you'll make it to heaven... instead of gambling with your eternal destiny.... why not check things out now... before you check out!  Why not see if you really are a good person.  

Eternity is a long time to be wrong so we invite you to CLICK HERE and take the Good Person Test.  Take it now, before you come to the end of your world.

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