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Nibiru 2012 - Planet X 2012

Nibiru is the name given by some to planet X.  Planet X 2012 and the end of the world are connected by those who believe that planet X exists beyond pluto and is on a collision course with earth.  They expect Planet X will either hit us or it will be a near miss. 

The following article was put together by Chris White.  Any emphasis (underlines, italics, bold etc.) is from the webmaster and not Chris White.  As this is a transcript from his video presentation about Planet X Nibiru (galactic alignment etc), you will come across some references to the video below. 

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2012 theories are a lot like snowflakes. No two are alike. There are a multitude of reasons as to why there is so much disagreement amongst theorists and researchers regarding events purportedly to happen in 2012, and more specifically, why they believe these events are going to happen.

Galactic Alignment

Let us first examine what may likely be the most common 2012 theory, which claims that on December 21, 2012 there will be some form of mystical astronomical alignment with the center of our galaxy.

There are two main versions of this part of the theory,

1).  the first of which states that the alignment occur when the sun rises above the horizon on December 21st 2012 (the winter solstice) at which point the sun will rise in the middle of the milky way, thus causing an alignment between the earth sun and the galactic center

This does appear accurate and can be verified this with an astronomy program. However, there are at least two problems with this concept, the first of which is that this event is only significant from the earth’s point of view.

The precession cycle or the 26,000 year wobble of the earth only causes the EFFECT of the stars changing position on the horizon. The visual effect only occurs from the earth’s perspective, so that if you were viewing this “precession” from anywhere else in the solar system it would be completely insignificant and uneventful.

There is no gravitational force or radiation to be expected from this event because other than the tilt of the earth, nothing will be any different than the last few thousand solstices and as such, the Earth will be no closer to the galactic center than any other day.

If the Mayans did in fact point to this event with their calendar (which we will look into later) it should be noted how the overall event is harmless and seemingly insignificant beyond its role in time keeping and/or for religious purposes. But there is no reason to believe it will be an event of a magnitude so great that there will be a pole shift or any other cataclysms, as in reality it is a visual illusion and not an “Earth changing” event of any true physical power

Another issue with the December 21, 2012 date is that because the precession is so slow there is almost no difference between say, December 21, 2008 and , and December 21, 2012. This is because technically, the sun will “rise in galactic center” for this year’s winter solstice, just as it will in 2012.

In fact here is a quote from John Major Jenkins one of the major proponents of the 2012 theories from a part of his website called “Response to Counter arguments ” he says:
“In the interest of clarity, I will mention that it would be more accurate to say that the alignment occurs in the ERA of A.D. 2012; because precession is such a slow phenomenon, fifty years on either side of 2012 might be appropriate.”  by John Major Jenkins

2).  The second camp of belief surrounding the 2012 alignment issue is probably the more significant of the two because it is dealing with the solar system’s actual location in relation to galactic center. This is the idea that our little solar system is moving around the center of the galaxy every 225 years or so million years or so, and while doing so it is moving up and down in a cycle crossing the plane every 33 million years.

So are we going to cross that galactic plane in 2012?

Absolutely not! According to the journal Nature, as well as many others, there is evidence of crossing this plane 3 million years ago. This would mean that we are moving away from the galactic plane and won’t be due to cross it for another 30 million years and that’s failing to mention that the margin of error in these calculations in at least 2.1 parsecs or about 6.5 light years making images like these and statements like this: completely meaningless.

What about a Pole Shift?

Although many theorists disagree on whether this pole shift will be magnetic or a physical shifting of the crust of the earth the reason for this happening in or around 2012 is usually cited as one of the following:

- Planetary alignment
- Planet X or Nibiru and its comets tail
- A tremendous sun flare
- An asteroid

Planetary alignment

The first one is easy enough, there is no planetary alignment on December 21st 2012, this is what the planets will look like on that date.  There is a link on the screen to an online program that you can check for yourself too [ NOTE: As you are reading a transcript (words only) from Chris White's video presentation, you do not see here the actual December 21, 2012 image of what the planets will look like.  This is only in the video - go to the 2012 movie page to watch this.  Please be sure about this, they will not line up as some predict.  Planets get closer at times but they never actually align.  In 2000, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus were withing 50 degrees of each other.  In June 13, 2010 Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury will be on one side of the sun and Venus, Mars, and Saturn on the other side of the sun.  It will be no big deal.  In Sept 2040 Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mars will be closer than normal but no alignment.  CLICK HERE to read a more technical explanation of this.  It is helpful to note too that EVERY December there is an alignment of the Earth and Sun with the center of the Milky Way in the constellation of Sagittarius.  But no bad things happen each year because of this and we shouldn't expect anything bad to happen on December. 21, 2012.  All the fear talk about the planets lining up can be summed up in one word, "nonsense".]

Lets look at Planet X

The idea of Nibiru is traced back to Zecheriah Sitchin and his translations of Sumerian texts.
and specifically to his interpretation of the VA 243 cylinder seal which he says shows that the Sumerians knew of 12 planets (minus the sun and the moon which they considered planets) and as such, this would mean there is another planet.

Sitchin’s interpretation of the seal is wrong. The Sumerians have an unambiguous symbol for the Sun: a circle with four triangles around it like rays, and squiggly lines between the triangles. That is emphatically not the symbol in the seal. The symbol used in the seal is that of a bright star, this symbol for stars is very commonly used, and this is the symbol we have in the seal so even Sitchin’s basic premise is wrong. for details on this and what the seal actually means see Dr. Michael Heiser paper The Myth of a 12th Planet: A Brief Analysis of Cylinder Seal VA 243 available at sitchin is wrong .com

Sitchin claims that the picture shows Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but since the Sumerians didn’t have telescopes, they could therefore only have known of those planets had aliens told them of their existence. But if aliens told them about those planets, why did they fail to mention the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, or Saturn’s rings? The seal doesn’t show any of these features.

Also note that the Sumerians thought the Moon and Sun were planets, when they aren’t. Certainly aliens would know that the Sun and Moon are not planets! Sitchin is picking and choosing things in the picture to support his arguments and ignoring things that don’t support it like the inscription on the seal itself which has nothing do with his theory. This isn’t science, its fantasy. It’s also wrong. If Sitchin does know about a incoming planet he didn’t learn about it from this seal

Another argument against Planet X and its supposed 3,600 year orbit is the absence of any evidence for it.

For Planet X to be here in less than a decade, it can’t be farther than a billion or so kilometers away. Even at that distance, it would be one of the brightest objects in the sky. Even if it were too faint to be seen with the naked eye, remember, Pluto is 5 billion kilometers out, and although tiny, can be easily detected using modern equipment. Pluto is way smaller than Planet X is supposed to be.

There is simply no way a big planet so close to Earth could have escaped astronomers’ detection– even amateur astronomers.

Some will claim it is because it is hiding behind the sun and that’s why we can’t detect it. If it was behind the sun it would be moving at its fastest point considering its projected orbit and it would only be behind the sun for a very short time.

There are a lot of claims about planet X out there like that observatories are being closed to keep the information from the public which is not true at all, besides that fact that they would need to confiscate every telescope in the world to keep this secret hidden, also there have been postings of pictures and other so called evidence all of which have been shown to be a hoax.

There are actual pole shifts that do occur. Both magnetic pole shifts and physical pole shifts. We are in fact the middle of a long process of a magnetic pole shift, the biggest effect of which is that we will have to realign our compasses in a few hundred years, here is an excerpt from an article from NASA

Reversals take a few thousand years to complete, and during that time-contrary to popular belief-the magnetic field does not vanish. “It just gets more complicated,” says Glatzmaier. Magnetic lines of force near Earth’s surface become twisted and tangled, and magnetic poles pop up in unaccustomed places. A south magnetic pole might emerge over Africa, for instance, or a north pole over Tahiti. Weird. But it’s still a planetary magnetic field, and it still protects us from space radiation and solar storms.

And I might add that it is ridiculous to pinpoint a specific date such as Dec 21 2012 for this happening not just because it’s such a slow process but because the proposed reasons such as galactic alignment aren’t even true thus making it a non issue.

The other kind of pole shift is a physical pole shift.

Lets first set the record straight that this would require an event of tremendous energy and that it is not part of any cycle or natural occurrence and no increasing of solar energy would be enough to cause this.

We have actually had a few degree shift of the poles in the past, but not a reversal by any means. It is what is called a true polar wanderer.

William Sager in an article entitled Texas A&M Oceanographer Challenges Plate Tectonics As Reason For Poles’ Shift says “Our data set indicates that this polar shift took place at a rate between 5 and 10 degrees per million years,” he said. “Essentially it happens within the blink of an eye, in terms of geological time.”

What this is saying is that scientists who call this event fast, call 5-10 million years “fast” and that predicting a specific date for this to happen is ridiculous. As discussed earlier, that that claim the Mayans predicted the event using the understanding of precession fell into the same trap as the galactic center theory couldn’t have any less significance in the shifting of poles because the precession only changes our perception on the sky it doesn’t actually tell us where we are in the sky.

Mayan Calendar

Let’s take a look at what supposedly got this whole thing started the Mayan calendar.

The first question is did the Mayan long count calendar predict the end of the world? No. there is no reference to this idea in Mayan culture; these ideas are imposed by us and not the Mayans.

Even JMJ openly states, "I do not concur with the Neo-Atlantean pole-shift cataclysmologists on the idea that the world will literally end in 2012. With this distinction in mind, I admit that I still occasionally write, as a shorthand note, 'end-date' or 'end-date in 2012.' This does not mean that I believe the Maya calendar or the world will end in A.D. 2012." John Major Jenkins

Often times, video presentations covering these topics, be it a source such as the History Channel, a 2012 YouTube video, or even an internet article will make the jump from the resetting of the calendar to it must mean a major cataclysmic event in a very slick way usually not dwelling on this important transition.

Those that do mention the transition usually cite one of the following reasons to tie it together.

1.) That a Mayan ball game was actually symbolism that told us about galactic alignment
2.) That certain pictorials of the sacred tree also speak of galactic alignment.

While I don’t agree with the logic used to make these connections, and believe them to be farfetched and in most cases frivolous, for the sake of the argument I will say that the Mayans did, for whatever reason choose to end their calendar on this 2012 solstice because of the visual effect of the sun rising in the galactic center on that date.

They fully knew of this effect, which again is only a visual one as viewed from earth. It would only be of local religious or mathematical significance, that is to say if the Mayans believed it was a symbol of rebirth when the sun appeared in the milky way galaxy it would be their prerogative, but it wouldn’t have any galactic merit. It would only make sense from the earth point of view. i would also suggest that this viewpoint of rebirth has undertones which I find disturbing because it seems that we are being taught to believe the same religion using fairly obvious deceptive techniques.

There is also this idea that it that they were able to miraculously determine these events, but it should be noted that western society discovered the precession of the equinoxes at least 100 years BEFORE the Mayans it wasn’t exactly a new concept the calculations to determine these events are not magical, but a matter of mathematics and astronomical observances.  Their culture remained stable for centuries, And they kept records. So, it is entirely possible for an astronomer to plot the positions of some stars at midnight, at the equinox, and his grandson to plot the same stars 72
years later and realize that the stars have all shifted one degree in that time.  Multiply by 360, and you get the precession cycle of 26,000 years.  Almost certainly, this is how they did it. Because that’s all it takes.

So were the Mayans predicting the end of the world …definitely not.  ‘in fact the entire reason as far as I can tell for this hype is that the Mayans restart their calendar, much like we do on December 31st on a solstice. which they had the mathematical skill to do fairly easily.

We are the ones responsible for this 2012 fever we have put a lot of words in the Mayans mouths we have thrown pole shifts and planet x and solar flares and everything else into this mix all of which have no connections and not only weren’t suggested by the Mayans it would be impossible to predict any of these things using the any of the methods we are told they used to make such predictions.

[Reasons for "2012 fever"]

I think there could be many reasons why this idea is so actively being promoted to the world I encourage you to draw your own conclusions.
However, while doing the research on this I think finally found why I think it’s being done, the following is my personal view, and it may be extreme if you don’t agree with it I encourage you not to throw the baby out with the bath water, because the 2012 theories are still wrong no matter what, if you don’t want to hear my analysis feel free to shut the video off at this point.

Many 2012 researchers are quick to point out how things will be getting much worse upon the approach to 2012 and we will see many cataclysms and earth changes on the way to our promised “enlightenment”. 

I think that this has to be promoted as much as possible to people so that when they see these kinds of things happening in the next few years, which I agree will happen but for different reasons, everyone will try to endure these things thinking it’s a natural cycle never realizing the obvious fact, which is that The bible clearly prophesied what the days before the return of Jesus and so called birth pangs would look like and even why they were happening and what to do about it. This 2012 thing is both the proverbial carrot on a string which keeps us looking for our “illumination” while simultaneously gives us pride that we know that all these terrible things are a result of “science” thus there is no reason to pay attention to anything else.

I hear a lot of criticism of the bible, I’m not too impressed with most of them, but surprisingly the one that could really have an impact is never used, even by the fiercest critics.

Which is challenging the fact that the bible has never missed in regards to prophecy that is, it is 100% accurate and the Bible itself is full of prophecies almost 25% prophecy at and because of the Septuagint it can be demonstrated easily that it was written before the events it prophesied happened, these are not vague prophecies either, they all talking about specific kingdoms, people, places times, even names. all of which came true.

Considering its track record it should be the most important book on our bookshelf.

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