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Hell's Best Kept Secret

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Christian people have not always presented the message of the Bible well.  We often struggle in telling others the "Good News" about a loving God and Jesus Christ who came to be the Saviour of the world. How could that be so difficult?

Well, that's a pretty big negative coming from the Christian who is writing this but its true still the same.  Sadly, not wanting to offend people, we have at times tried to soften a difficult message (yet one that contains Good News) and in the process we moved away from the central message of the Bible.

Check out this video and see what has gone wrong and why we (Christians) need to change.  This is not talking about changing the message of the Bible, but changing the way we present it to be more faithful to the one who sent it.   

If you are not a Christian or even if you have thought you were but you are not sure that if you died tonight you'd go to heaven, CLICK HERE and do the GOOD PERSON TEST. 

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