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Global Warming Facts



I received the following email recently
(underline and bold is webmaster's)

Global warming can be a confusing topic
but anyone will be able to understand this

It is almost humourous in places

"Some years ago I used to work in Kodiak Alaska..and have been to Greenland many many times spent lots of time up in those waters and below the ice. Got rather concerned when the media started saying, global warming melting the ice cap, ice breaking away in massive amounts etc.

This year TVNZ showed the North Western passage free of ice for the first time during winter time....

THAT I couldn't believe.

Contacted Kodiak US Coastguard and Their Russian equivalents and friends in Iceland and they have told me that last year was the worst winter they have ever had, more ice than normal in the passageways not even able to be opened by icebreakers (ships)... [Does this sound like Global Warming!]

the Polar bears are struggling cause there is too much ice for them and the seals to make normal head way, seals dig air tunnels up through the ice...the ice is too thick fo them so they move out to the thinner areas and that is far away from where the polar bears are. So they come too for winter feeds and find themselves with many many miles to travel before they find food. Some don’t, so there is element of truth.

So the shot of the 'water channel' with a little ice floating was a lie in fact the whole lot is a lie.

Next the lower hemisphere, TVNZ news of ice melting , ice bergs breaking away etc etc.

Have been doing a little work with Orion, Spirit of Enderby and other tourists boats who have been and are still down there doing trips to certain areas of the ice cap. They advise that this is not the case it is not any different than say 20yrs ago. The fishing fleet from NZ who work these waters when questioned about the 'warmer climate' comment 'not down here mate'.

Now why do ice bergs break away and float off up the nz coast .??? [or any coastline]

Ice at both ends of the hemisphere is anchored to land, the ice builds up and stretches out to sea, where there is swell and waves.. So when the ice stretches too far out the swell under it rising and falling causes it to break off and then we have ice bergs that are able to float away.

This only happens when there is a abnormal excess.

Incidentally if you took humans off the planet and everything that we have created you would still have no decrease in CO2 production as 95% of CO2 is produced by underwater volcanic activity. Information from 1970's school teaching.

I honestly wonder if this is a test at 'control'. See how many countries will bow down to certain governmental control on a world wide scale, believe what they are told and fall in line !


Global Warming Facts AGAINST Human Caused Global Warming

  Global Warming Facts - The earth's temperature has been proved scientifically to increase when there are more hot spots on the sun.  Not surprising really.

  Global Warming Facts - Earth's temperature has been much hotter and much colder than it is now, in human history, and we are still here.

  Global Warming Facts - There was a mini ice age around 500 years ago and the earth has been warming up ever since and getting back more to normal. 

  Global Warming Facts - Studies have shown that more CO2 (carbon dioxide) produces better fruit, trees and other forms of plant life.

  Global Warming Facts - Glacier shortening occurs before increased hydro carbon use and continues at the same rate after increased hydro carbon use.

More Global Warming Facts facts coming.... watch this space....

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