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Galactic Alignment 2012

One of the December 21 end of the world 2012 doomsday predictions is that the earth’s existence is under threat by something called a GALACTIC ALIGNMENT.  Pole shifts, earthquakes, solar flares, magnetic field reversals and other disasters have been predicted as a result of galactic alignment.  It has also been suggested that galactic alignment will bring about a worldwide change in consciousness, a new evolutionary stage in the development of humanity.    If you think that this is all a load of rubbish and that no intelligent scientist would agree to it… well… .guess what… .you’re right. 

You can check our answers to the galactic alignment 2012 theory by watching the video or by continuing reading below the video...

First of all, let’s look at what is galactic alignment is.  Galactic Alignment is when the sun is in position between the earth and the black hole in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.  This black hole has a mass about 4 million times that of the sun.  To put things in perspective, the earth is 150 million km away from the sun and about 260 QUADRILLION km away from the black hole in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.  

When you get away from the city lights…… you can see Milky Way galaxy stretching across the night sky.  This path of lights is formed from the light of between 200- 400 billion stars.  The path of lights that we can see is in line with the mid plane of our galaxy.  So it’s a bit like you’re looking at the edge of a plate that is held out flat in front of you.

The Milky Way is a spiral galaxy about 120,000 light years across and is travelling through space at around 2.2million kph.  Thick dust clouds known as the Great Rift or Dark Rift block our night time view of the Milky Way.   During a so called Galactic Alignment the sun is in line with this dark rift.   

Some people have claimed that this alignment during the winter solstice with the sun entering the Dark Rift, will somehow bring about natural disasters to the earth.   In particular, they believe that when the sun and earth become aligned with the black hole in the centre of the galaxy, this will cause some kind of extra gravitational pull on Earth that will result in untold natural disasters.  Here are a few reasons why this is a load of rubbish.

1.    The fact is that the winter solstice itself does not have anything to do with the movements of the stars or anything in the universe beyond the earth.  The winter solstice only concerns the movement of the earth at the time when the earth's North Pole is tipped farthest from the sun.  Galactic alignment actually happens around the same time every year at the time of the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere; the time when winter turns to summer in late December.  It happened in 2011 and it will happen in 2013.  

2.     Earth is not within range of strong gravitational effects from the black hole at the centre of the galaxy since gravitational effects decrease exponentially the farther away one gets.  As we’ve already noted, the earth is 150 million km away from the sun and 260 QUADRILLION km away from the black hole in the centre of the Milky Way galaxy.  Because the earth is so far away from the galaxy’s black hole, when the sun moves between the earth and the centre of the galaxy it is such a small movement compared to such a great distance.  Now because the sun itself is aligned with the dark rift, this annual creates NO changes in gravitational pull, no solar radiation, no change in planetary orbits, no polar shift or anything else that would negatively impact life on Earth.   The people who suggest this are acting on wrong information about our galaxy.   Of all the gravitational forces out there in the galaxy, the sun and moon are the strongest.  If we are going to be affected by some planetary force it will not be something 260 quadrillion km away.    In addition to this, the earth’s north pole is actually closer to the galactic centre in the summer solstice (June), not at the winter solstice (December).

3.    The sun appears to enter the part of the sky occupied by the Dark Rift every year at the same time.  But this hasn’t caused us any harm in the past and because of this we shouldn’t expect any problems in 2012.  So when the winter solstice arrives and winter turns to summer, enjoy!

Finally the position of a large ball of gas 150 million km away (the sun) is not going to affect our evolution or our consciousness so that we transform into a higher state of existence.  (note: this site does not believe we evolved - evolution is a lie).  We are not going to become more (or less) developed, spiritually or otherwise, because a ball of gas in the sky changes position (like it does every year).    Well, we hope that answers some of the questions you may have had about galactic alignment and the end of the world 2012 predictions.  Please be assured, galactic alignment will not bring about the end of the world in 2012.

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