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Easter - what exactly is it anyway?


You're invited to come and have a closer look at Easter


Easter remembers the death of Jesus Christ on a cross.  But what's it all about?  Why would you want to remember someone's crucifixion? 

Crucifixion was invented by the Romans to bring as much suffering as possible to someone executed for their crimes.  What crimes did Jesus commit that he should be crucified?  And why was crucifixion not his greatest agony?  Finally, was there any point to this apparently meaningless death of a good man?


Here are some links you can follow to find out more.

Crucifixion - General Definition
(Talks about how it is done)

Crucixion - Medical Description
(Not for the fainthearted)

* An Agony Greater than Crucifixion *
(Being nailed to a cross was NOT Jesus greatest agony)

The seven last things Jesus said - from the cross

(What would you say hanging by nails from a cross?)

The Resurrection - Is There Any Evidence?
(Absolutely!  Are you willing to check it out)

EASTER - up close and PERSONAL
(This page doesn't mention the word "Easter" but we think you will see the connection)

A TEST for anyone who professes to be a CHRISTIAN
(This may offend some people but that's not its intention)

"With Me In Paradise"
(A look at Jesus dying words to the thief hanging next to him)

Listen to the story of Jesus arrest, trial, suffering, death and resurrection

http://www.endoftheworld2012.net/40Mat026.mp3 Matthew chapter 26

http://www.endoftheworld2012.net/40Mat027.mp3 Matthew chapter 27

http://www.endoftheworld2012.net/40Mat028.mp3 Matthew chapter 28


Barabbas - murderer, insurrectionist... evil man


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