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Unlocking Mystery of Life chap 7 of 12

How proteins, amino acids etc work together to build scaffolding and other structures to form the essential building blocks that you are made of. Did you get that? Just watch the video!

Posted by End Of The World Predictions on November 23, 2009 at 9:17 PM 11511 Views

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Reply evelyn
1:39 AM on September 5, 2012 
i might believe about end of the world ..
Reply matureo
11:28 PM on September 4, 2010 
ernestas says...
this is an intresting video. but this still... dose not explain how the big bang happend...

This video is not primarily explaining the "Big Bang" but focusing on the evidence that show life was not some accident but that it was intelligently designed by God. To find out more about the Big Bang, click the link in the menu to the left "Big Bang".
Reply ernestas
4:57 PM on August 9, 2010 
this is an intresting video. but this still... dose not explain how the big bang happend...
Reply Dave
4:37 PM on January 9, 2010 
If Darwin had watched this video before writing his "Origin Of Species", Darwinism never would have existed! If you've watched this video, you really need to see the others on this topic as well. If schools and universities saw these videos and were academically and professionally honest and they would pull all the books on evolution off their shelves and have a big bonfire (OK, the bonfire is optional - but it would still be a fitting way to end the lie of evolution which has polluted children's minds for too long).

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