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Return of the Nephililm

Are UFO's real, if they are are they friendly or hostile.  What about Roswell, Area 51... all these are discussed.

Throughout ancient history, there has been records of half man, half god creatures (demigods) which we dismiss as myths. In ancient Babylon, they talk of the Annunaki.

Did these 'gods' come down from the heavens and teach man technology and knowledge. Did they procreate with women and produce : Children of gods. Are these children/Nephilims returning? Are these fallen angels returning? Who built the pyramids?  Who built the Temple of BaalBeck in Lebanon.

Credentials of the speaker

  1. Written, "Return of the Nephilim" and Co-authored "Alien Encounters"
  2. Served in a senior analyst position serving both in the Intelligence community and a national department of defense
  3. Served on the board of directors of over a dozen public companies and been CEO of 5 of these
  4. He established the first international industrial computer network
  5. He has participated in over 100 business ventures as a principal, strategic advisor or turnaround specialist
  6. A former branch chief in the department of guided missiles for his country
  7. System engineer for a highly classified reconnaissance satellite program
  8. Has served as a consultant, principal or director participating in over 100 high technology investments, acquisitions or divestitures

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