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2012 Pole Shift

Posted by End Of The World Predictions on December 18, 2012 at 1:05 AM

What is a Pole Shift?  What causes it?  Are we in danger?


There are two main theories.

1.  One belief here is that the earth’s MAGNETIC north and south poles (not the physical north and south poles) will suddenly change position so that north becomes south and south becomes north.  While scientists say there will be no SUDDEN magnetic pole shift, they do believe that slow magnetic pole shifts do happen.  However, they also say that a change in the position of the magnetic force field surrounding the earth will not cause any catastrophes on earth.   They believe magnetic pole shifts happen because of the movement of the molten iron in the earth’s core.  


Scientists from NASA say magnetic pole shifts have happened before and that we are in the middle of a magnetic pole shift now - but it will take 1,000 to 10,000 years to complete.  What will happen as a result of this magnetic pole shift?  The biggest effect will be that we will have to change our compasses in a few 100 years.  At that time, our planets magnetic field around the earth will still be here and it will still protect us from solar storms from the sun.


2.  Another pole shift theory is that the earth’s outer surface will rotate around the core of the earth – a rapid shift in the physical locations of the north and south poles.  Charles Hapgood suggested this could happen if there was an extra build up of ice on one or both of the poles and that this could cause the outer surface of the earth to slip over its outer core like an orange peel sliding around over the inner flesh of the orange.  


Hapgood wrote about this in his books, The Earth’s Shifting Crust (1958 ) and Path Of The Pole (1970).  However, Hapgood later agreed with Albert Einstein that the weight of the polar ice would not be enough to cause polar shift.  Even though he couldn’t prove it, he then said that it would be forces below the earth’s surface that could cause a pole shift.


Later, Richard W. Noone one wrote "5/5/2000, ICE: The Ultimate Disaster".  In it he said that there would be a cataclysmic shift of the Antarctica ice cap caused by planetary alignment.  This would result in solar storms an there would be a shifting of the earth’s outer crust on May 5 2000.  I never happened.

Edgar Cayce predicted a sudden magnetic pole shift in the 1997-1998 winter. For this to happen suddenly it would require an enormous amount of energy to go against the spin of the earth on it's axis - as it spins like a gyroscope.  And, it would result in large scale disturbances of the earth's crust as well as it's oceans resulting in world wide tidal waves (not just a tsunami) volcanic and tectnoic activity (ie. earthquakes).  There was no sudden pole shift at this time!


Scientists now believe that something called true polar wander may have happened in the past.  They say that the earth’s poles have wondered up to 30 degrees before but there that there has never been a sudden pole shift.  They believe that at these times, when the poles may have wondered, it would have been as slow as 1 degree every million years!  [note: while we do not believe the earth is millions of years old, we accept that if there were to be a pole shift that current evidence suggests it will take a long long lonnnnnng time to happen]  


So if there was to be a physical pole shift, current scientific thinking on this is that it would not happen suddenly.  Not even with a partial planetary alignment (there has never been a fully planetary alignment – see our blog on planetary alignment).   But what about Nibiru?  Could the arrival of Nibiru cause a pole shift?  No!  Nibiru doesn’t exist. See our earlier blog on this.

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