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Government Conspiracy about a 2012 doomsday

Posted by End Of The World Predictions on October 22, 2012 at 2:50 AM

Some end of the world conspiracy theories suggest that governments are hiding information about an impending 2012 doomsday; a worldwide cataclysm of biblical proportions that would bring about death and destruction on a global scale!   Is this right?  Is there a 2012 doomsday government conspiracy? 


As I did some research on this, I have ended up getting into some pretty dark matter such as a New World Order and the Mark of the Beast.  But let’s start with a 2012 doomsday government conspiracy.  You can click a link at the end of the blog for the rest.


What exactly are governments doing which is raising all these conspiracy alarm bells?  Do their actions clearly point to a conspiracy?  And should you be concerned about what they are doing?


Here’s is a brief list of government actions which some see as evidence of a 2012 doomsday conspiracy… and more.  At first glance these actions don’t actually seem all that insidious.  Rather, they appear quite innocent and practical, especially if the goal is the preservation of the human race in the wake of a worldwide disaster.


Check them out and see what you think…


1. LARGE STOCK PILES of food rations, personal items and blankets.  This seems quite harmless especially as recent natural disasters have shown clearly the need to be prepared in this area.  


2. COFFINS!  Yes, coffins.  Before some of the coffins were moved, a field outside of just one city in America had at one time, around 500,000 of these polymer coffins.  Each coffin was capable of containing more than one person.  So that means the coffins in just one area could be used to burry 1 million people… or more.   


Clearly, in a natural disaster, there is a need to bury the dead quickly and hygienically to prevent the spread of disease and more deaths.  This would also be true in case of death through an epidemic or biological warfare.    On September 28, the American congress passed the H. R. 6566 bill or the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act, which gives a mandate to FEMA to prepare for mass fatalities.   Is there a connection?  What are they expecting?


3. UNDERGROUND BUNKERS!  Governments are building underground bunkers.  These are not temporary bunkers which have been in existence for decades.  For example, Switzerland has enough temporary nuclear shelters for the entire population and Russia has recently commissioned 5,000 temporary bunkers for Moscow (which currently has enough bunkers for 50% of the population).  


It is believed however that these new bunkers are to protect and sustain human (and animal?) life on earth, long term, in the event of some kind of apocalyptic disaster.  These new bunkers are virtual underground communities which would have their own sewage systems, renewable fuel, food and power supplies, security AND government!  It’s not all that hard to believe since underground railways, malls, etc have been here for a while.  The main difference being that they are not designed for long term living or protection from cataclysmic events.


It quickly becomes obvious that only a select few, the chosen elite, would be privileged enough to be given a space inside one of these more advanced bunkers.  After all, no government could provide this kind of long term underground home for the whole population.  


If you’re skeptical about whether this is actually happening, then consider this: private companies are already openly selling spaces in secure underground bunkers.  Applicants are being sought now and only those meeting certain undisclosed criteria (one of which is sure to be lots of cash) will be accepted.   These companies have been getting some good mileage from 2012 doomsday predictions and even have end of the world 2012 videos on their websites.


4. LARGE (DETENTION?) CAMPS out in the middle of nowhere such as those established by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency – a US Government agency).  Are these temporary refugee camps or, as some believe, potential detention centres.  The design of some (with barbed wire fences and other security measures), would suggest that in some cases, the latter was in mind.   And if they are detention centres, are they for the enemy without or the enemy within – ie. their own citizens… a place to ‘process’ dissidents of a New World Order perhaps?


5. SEED VAULTS.  Over an 18 month period, a huge seed bank was built deep inside a frozen mountain near the North Pole.  Apparently it contains millions of seeds from all over the world.   The speed at which this was built by a number of collaborating countries has led some to speculate that a worldwide catastrophe is imminent and that governments know about this.   


One private company is boasting a nuclear blast-proof, underground cryovault to preserve the seeds of humanity!  The vault is built to survive the next “life-extinction” event.  It is said to be part of a global network of underground shelters for up to 1,000 people per shelter.    


6. NEO DEFENSE SYSTEMS.  The White House has considered plans to establish an international defense system in consultation with militaries and governments around the world.  This would be for the purpose of deflecting NEO’s (Near Earth Objects) such as asteroids and comets.



To read my thoughts on where I think these government actions might be leading, which will cover things like: a declasified government document that speaks of deliberately culling the world's population; subtle forms of bio-warfare; the RFID microchip; a New World Order; mark of the beast and more ...  CLICK HERE.



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