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Posted by End Of The World Predictions on August 25, 2012 at 8:30 AM

I-Ching, known as the Book of Changes, has in it a system of divination thought by some to be the oldest system of divination.    In more recent times, the I-Ching has been interpreted as a system of cosmology (study of universe, time and space) and of philosophy (love for and pursuit of wisdom).

The I-Ching is now used in two ways: (1) as a source of wisdom concerning cosmic principles and also of life in general and (2) as a source of fortune or oracle telling used largely by those who are without a higher education.   Chinese scholars make very little reference to I-Ching in their writings and are more inclined to the teachings of Confucius.  

So what is the I-Ching and how does it work.  The I-Ching contains a series of 64 hexagrams that are said to represent 64 different life themes.  The idea behind using the I-Ching as a book of divination is that all events are interconnected to each other in some way.  The divination process for finding help from the I-Ching is to throw some coins on a table and this will give you wisdom for the life journey you are on.  By throwing the coins you are said to create an event that is in sync with what you are going through at the time and this leads to a corresponding hexagram in the I-Ching that will give you the wisdom you need for your life situation.  

Some of you will immediately realize the foolishness of trying to get wisdom to help your through your journey in life by the toss of a coin.  And you would be right if you were thinking that this sounds just like tarot cards, reading the stars, Ouija boards and other demonic methods for looking into the future which are strictly forbidden in the Bible and lead to God’s condemnation (Deuteronomy).

OK, so you’re still wondering, “Does the I-Ching actually predict the end of the world on December 21, 2012?”  Answer: NO!   The I-Ching is used as a method of fortune telling and does not appear to include specific predictions about specific events happening on specific dates for specific people.  So where did the idea of an I-Ching prediction about the end of the world come from and could it still be true?  

Enter Terrance McKenna.

Terrance McKenna believes that the I-Ching is not merely a book of wisdom or a source of general fortune telling but that it also shows that the specific date of December 21, 2012 will be the end of the world.   He bases this on his own I-Ching Time Wave theory.  Originally, he got the result of November 2012 but changed this to December 21, 2012 to agree with the Mayan calendar.   The Mayan 5,125yr long count calendar began in 3113BC (the time the Mayan civilization began) and ends on December 21, 2012.  Some, (not the Mayans) believe the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world.  

Who is Terrance McKenna and how does he come to this conclusion?  McKenna sees himself, among other things, as a pyschonaut.   Yep, a psychonaut!  That’s a psychonaut not a psychonut.  A psychonaut explores altered states of consciousness brought about by meditation and, hallucinogenic substances such as LSD and magic mushrooms!!   He even wrote a book called “Psilocybin - Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide”.   This should be a big clue as to whether his teachings should be believed or not.  


To find out some of the ‘messages’ McKenna received while under the influence, including one about a parallel dimension, who he believed Christ was and what he thought of his own end of the world prediction CLICK HERE.



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