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Satan's Rapture - 3

Posted by End Of The World Predictions on May 14, 2012 at 7:10 AM

While my first pick (of how Satan may explain away the Rapture) is based on a satanic deception about an alien presence in this universe, the second is pick is based on a conspiracy theory of how human technology may be able to bring about a Rapture (removal of millions of people from earth) and the promised return of a messiah.

In particular, this theory focuses on the belief that NASA is going to try to use modern technological advancedments to create a new world religion with the anti-christ at it's head.


Because of the existence of this conspiracy theory, I believe there is the possibility that Satan could try to influence people into believing that the sudden disappearance of millions of living souls from all over the planet has something to do with human technology… Some of you may be thinking that this is much less believable than a mass alien abduction.   It is easier to believe that if they existed, aliens may have this kind of technology.... but humans.... it will never happen!


Well, if you’re a conspiracy theorist anything can happen... no matter how bizarre, and we have got some bizarre coming up in this post so you’ve been warned.  Some conspiracy theorists believe that a Rapture (sudden removal of millions from the planet) could take place by combining two areas of technology that are currently being explored (1) 3D holographic imagery and (2) teleportation.


First, let’s consider look at how 3D holographic imagery may be used to simulate the return and appearance of Jesus Christ... an event often associated with the Rapture.


Have you ever watched a Batman movie (not recommended) and seen how the Batman image was projected into the sky by a simple flood light with a bat shape covering part of the light beam?   Well, technology has moved on from then and according to some, methods are now being developed whereby the sky might be used as a giant holographic projection screen for space-based laser-generating satellites.    Images would be projected onto the sodium layer 60miles above our earth.


Some have suggested in this strange conspiracy theory that chemicals would be dropped into the sky by planes to enhance this sodium layer.  You may have heard or read of claims that the testing for this is going on now and evidence of can be seen in what are being referred to as “CHEMtrails” (chem. for chemical) that are seen in the sky.   NASA and the scientific community deny this (conspiracy theorists love these kinds of denials) saying that these trails are CONtrails (con. from condensation which is triggered by the exhaust particles in an aircrafts exhaust).  


As we dig deeper into this end of the world conspiracy theory, we discover a speculation that sophisticated laser technology will be used to generate giant 3D holographic images of the world’s religious gods into the sky.  Each image would represent the dominant religion over the area where it is seen.  These images would combine into one to reveal a new world messiah; thus paving the way for a new world religion and a corresponding new world order.  This visual imagery would also be combined with the use of electronic low frequency waves beamed right into people’s brains to give the impression of telepathic communication received straight from their god.


 You’re right, it’s pretty crazy stuff!  But don’t forget, it IS a conspiracy theory, one that the devil may well use to explain away the real Rapture or removal of Christian believers when it happens.


But we’re not finished yet.  

Second, while your brain is still spinning, let’s now consider the idea: that technology may one day be invented that could make people disappear or be teleported from one place to another.   This would support the conspiracy belief that the removal of millions of people from all over the world will be brought about by human technology.  For this conspiracy to at least be a little bit plausible it would help if there some actual developments in this area of scientific exploration.  So hang on to your seats as we launch into this...


If you’re into science fiction movies you will have seen movies of people disappearing into parallel universes through the use of HUMAN technology.   And going back as far as the original Star Trek, we see transporter beams taking people from one place to another, sometimes against their will!  So the idea of people disappearing through the use of human technology has been here for a while.


Yeah, but that’s science fiction right!  It will never happen!  Maybe, but it hasn’t stopped people trying… and with some success.  For example, scientists have recently come up with a material that can make people invisible, by using a material that bends light.  They have also done what everyone thought impossible and teleported something from one location to another.  Using Quantum theory, scientists have been able to teleport quantum information in the form of light (a photon) from one location to the other.   They are confident this is just the beginning.  


If you like the bizarre and things stranger than fiction, consider the following story...


There is a much debated event that supposedly took place as far back as the 1940’s where scientists, using what Einstein called the unified field theory, made a US Navy ship disappear!   The ship is said, by some, to have been teleported to another location and back again; and that people saw it in both locations.  Upon its return, strange things were purported to have happened to the limited crew members who were on board: for example, crewmen reappearing after the event being partly embedded into the ship’s structure such as the deck or bulkhead.    Later on, as the story goes, a strange bar brawl that broke out on shore.  It involved crew members of the ship that ‘disappeared’.  Witnesses were reported to have seen the crew (while fighting) disappear and then reappear before finally disappearing never to return.


In light of this story and experiments with teleportation, some believe that the alien abduction stories that we hear about, as well as being caused by demonic activity (you will need to read the second post on a Satanic Rapture for more on this), may also be the result of human technology.  They believe that what we are seeing with these ‘abductions’ is simply testing of advanced human form of technology; a device capable of removing someone from one location and taking them to another.  


Now whether or not you believe that human technology already has or one day will do the things mentioned above, is totally irrelevant! The reason is that at this time in history the devil doesn’t need this explanation of a human caused Rapture to be based on fact or believed... he just needs it to exist.  Then, when millions of people vanish from the earth, Satan has a non-biblical explanation ready and waiting to sell to the masses, to all the unbelieving people on the planet who will accept any reason other than one that comes from the Bible.  


One thing you can count on is that when the Rapture takes place, there will be a worldwide satanic deception about this event.   There is one more possible way that Satan may try to deceive those left behind.   To find out what this is, tune in next week for part 4 of the Satanic Rapture.



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