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Satan's Rapture - 2

Posted by End Of The World Predictions on May 5, 2012 at 12:35 AM

As I’ve researched, thought and prayed over this topic, I’ve come to the conclusion, for now, that there are actually three possible lies that could be used by Satan to deceive people about the Rapture.   One has a 2012 end of the world theme; the others do not though they do have an end of the world theme.   We’re going to look at three phenomena that may be used by Satan to present his own version of the Rapture, thus turning people from the truth that is  found in God’s Word, the Bible.  To save making the blog too long, I’m spreading these over three weeks.  


Here’s my first pick.

When the day, hour and moment of the Rapture arrives, I believe there is more than a strong possibility that Satan will convince many that those who were ‘raptured’ were not taken to heaven because they were followers of Jesus Christ taken (as the Bible prophecies)but because they were abducted by aliens!   This, I believe, may well be Satan’s Rapture… or Satan’s version of the Rapture.


Does all this sound just a bit crazy?  Let me convince you how believable this lie will be…..  and how the devil has been preparing people’s minds for accepting this lie.  

First of all, I want you to know that this will not be the first satanic version of a biblical rapture.  


When Jesus was raised from the dead and later ascended into heaven, the devil inspired some of the religious leaders of the day to say that Jesus’ disciples had stolen the body to make it look like he had risen.  But as crazy as that sounds, many people believed it.  Here’s why the disciples didn’t steal the body of Jesus – apart from the fact that it wasn’t there.  


Immediately after Jesus crucifixion and death, the disciples went into hiding.  At that time, the disciples did not even expect, never mind understand, the resurrection.   They also did not believe the first accounts of Jesus being raised from the dead!   So why would they come out from hiding from the authorities (in fear of being crucified themselves) and risk being killed by a Roman guard (placed in front of the tomb and under threat of death if they failed to protect it) and try to steal Jesus body to make up a story they did not believe or understand!!!  


It IS possible to see through the devils lies but many will still be deceived.  Keep that in mind as you read on to see how the devil has been preparing people for this great deception, his own version of what happened with the Rapture takes place.


Since around 1880 reports of UFO’s began surfacing with a dramatic increase in the 1940-50s.  And since 1957 there have been stories of alien abductions.  In addition to this there have been more recent phenomena of strange orbs and lights in the sky.


These stories have been fuelled by movies about aliens, alien abductions, alien invasions and alien end of the world scenarios.  Although scientists are yet to find a planet with the right conditions to sustain life and we are yet to have a live TV interview with a real living alien from another planet, this does not stop people wondering if they are still “out there”.   Conspiracy theories about government cover-ups, especially with regard to the 1947 Roswell incident where the government were accused of hiding evidence about an alien crash landing, also add fuel to the fire.   


And if that’s not enough, we have the writings of people like Zecharia Sitchin.  Sitchin claims that his translation of certain ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts speak of a race of ancient aliens called the Annunaki whom he believed came from a 12th planet in our solar system.  These aliens, he contends, seeded the earth by mixing their DNA with primeval life forms and may one day return to check up on us.


These conspiracy theories will not go away and Satan knows this.   When the Rapture occurs, it will not be difficult for him to convince a larger proportion of the world’s population that it was a massive alien abduction.   


Of course, this would not be a deception if aliens actually existed and also if they had the technology to remove millions of people from all over the earth at the same time - in the twinkling of an eye, in a moment (literally, ‘an atom’, the smallest measure of time).   If that were the case, then an alien abduction would be a legitimate explanation.   


Here’s why I don’t believe it can be a legitimate explanation.


While I believe that aliens exist (check out our Aliens and 2012 page for more on this) I do not believe they are extra-terrestrial creatures from another planet.  Rather, they are spiritual beings from another dimension!  In other words, they are demons!   Fallen angels like the devil, Satan.


[As an aside, I am puzzled as to why people find it so easy to believe in all kinds of paranormal phenomena including ghosts and spirits, yet they are reluctant to believe the Bible’s account of demons!   It reminds me something Napoleon Bonaparte is once reported to have said, “Men will believe anything as long as it is not written in the Bible.”   Hmmm, do you think Satan knows this! ]


So, can spiritual beings from another dimension (angels and demons), a spiritual dimension, manifest themselves physically so that humans can see them and interact with them?  Yes!  Absolutely.


The Bible speaks of a number of occasions where angels who were sent as messengers from God, spoke to both men and women.  The birth of Jesus was prophetically announced by an angel to both of his parents at different times.   These angels were said at times to shine like lightening and their clothes to be a bright as snow and strong enough to move a 1-2 ton stone (Matthew 28:2-3).  


The Bible also has many examples of demons who, while not making themselves physically manifest, have manifest themselves through their possession of a human being; through that person’s voice or actions.  Demon possessed people showed great strength and in one example, one demon possessed man overpowered 7 others (Acts 19:16)


It’s also worth noting that the Bible tells us the devil masquerades as an angel of light and that the name, Lucifer (another name for Satan - Isaiah 14:12 and Luke 10:18) means light bearer.   I personally do not think it difficult that Satan could be behind events attributed to  aliens such as strange light shows in the sky, thought it could equally be a result of secret human technology (more on that in the next blog post).


In addition to this, the Bible speaks in Genesis 6:1-4 of a time when some of the sons of God (fallen angels, demons) came to earth and had sexual relations with women, the result being a race of giant Nephilim.   The Bible also tells us in Jude 6 that, “And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home—these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgment on the great Day.”   [Genesis is the first book in the Bible and Jude is one of the last – ‘Bible’ means, “library”. The Bible is a library of 66 books]


Aliens do exist.  But they are NOT extra-terrestrials from another planet.  Rather, they are fallen angels, demons from another dimension.  In the past, these aliens/demons have made themselves manifest to people.  There is nothing to say that they cannot or will not do this again.   So called abductions are either the result of demonic activity or drugs!   UFO’s are the result of natural but as yet unexplained phenomena, demonic or human activity.  They are not spaceships from another planet.   And they will not come one day to abduct millions of people from all over the world.   


I believe the devil has been planning to sell this lie about an alien rapture for some time and has been especially cunning in shaping people’s minds to accept it.   He has not only done this through demonic manifestations in the form of UFOs (these can be any shape) and demonic encounters in the form of abductions (though some of this could be explained by natural phenomena or the use of drugs).  He has also influenced the world’s media to help prepare the way for accepting an alien rapture by an increasing number of movies about aliens, an alien invasion and alien abductions and by the writings of people like Zecharia Sitchin.  


Satan knows his time is nearly up and will try delaying tactics to keep people from turning to the Bible for the truth.  One day however, his time will run out and he himself will be raptured to his ultimate doom.  He will be caught up and cast into the eternal lake of fire (Revelation 20:10).   Do not be deceived and join him there (Revelation 20:11-15).


In the next post I’ll share the second of three possibilities for a satanic explanation for the Rapture.



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