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Anunnaki - Aliens from Nibiru?

Will the Annunaki return to earth on December 21, 2012 and bring about the end of the world; either by way of destruction or enlightenment?   Who exactly are the Anunnaki?

Does a superior being called the Anunnaki exist?   If so, are the Anunnaki from another planet or another dimension?  And what part, if any, did they play in the creation or modification of human life?  What part, if any, will they play in the end of the world?

In ancient mythology, the Anunnaki are a group of Mesopotamian deities which those in the ancient empires of Sumer, Akkadia, Assyria and Babylonia worshipped.   Mesopotamia is in the great plane between the Euphrates and the Tigris River, today’s Iraq.   

Zecharia Sitchin, who wrote a number of books about human origins involving ancient space travelers, says that the Anunnaki were actually superior giant extraterrestrials from a rogue planet Nibiru which he believed entered our solar system every 3,600 years.  

He writes that Nibiru entered the solar system and Anunnaki first arrived on Earth around 450,000 years ago.   According to Sumerian mythology, the Anunnaki are children of Anu and Ki (Enki), brother and sister gods.  Sitchin believes that the Anunnaki were looking for minerals, especially gold, which they found and mined in Africa.  Sitchin states that these "gods" were not gods but the rank-and-file workers of a colonial extra-terrestrial expedition to Earth from planet Nibiru.


However, these worker Anunnaki soon mutinied over their dissatisfaction with their working conditions.  To relive this situation, Sitchin believes that Enki suggested that primitive workers (Homo sapiens) be created.  This Sitchin claims was done by genetically engineering slaves by crossing extraterrestrial genes with those of Homo erectus.  Sitchin also believes that the Anunnaki gave advanced technology to humankind and that in the Bible, the Anunnaki are referred to  as Nephilim.     

As Sitchin has strongly influenced people’s beliefs about the Anunnaki, let’s have a brief look at how he comes to his conclusions.

We start by noting that the methodological approach used by Zecharia Sitchin, one of the original proponents of the view that the Anunnaki are superior extraterrestrial aliens, is seriously flawed.  His skill in translating ancient Sumerian has come under sharp criticism from others in his field.  They have shown that his approach is flawed and his translations inaccurate.  

One example is seen in his interpretation of the Sumerian Cylinder Seal VA 243.  This Seal shows what Sitchin interprets as our solar system (a sun with all the planets around it, plus 1: Nibiru).  Sitchin argues that as the ancient Sumerians didn’t have telescopes this information about our solar system must have been given by a superior alien race.  However, he bases his belief in the existence of a 10th planet (Nibiru) on an erroneous interpretation of the Sumerian symbol for the sun.  The Sumerian symbol for the sun is a circle with four triangles around it and squiggly lines between the triangles.  That is not the symbol at the top left of the image below (which Sitchin says is the sun).  The symbol in the image below is a common Sumerian image of a bright star!

It also needs to be asked, if these aliens were so superior, why did they not know of the existence of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moons or the rings of Saturn?  Also, in the 182 references to the word, Anunnaki, found in the Electronic Corpus of Sumerian Literature website, there is NOT ONE instance of the word, Anunnaki  coming from or having any connection with a twelfth planet, Nibiru.

Another example of Sitchin’s poor research is where he argues that the Anunnaki of Sumerian texts are the same as the Nephilim we read of in the Bible in Genesis 6.  Here he tries to force the Hebrew word,  Nephilim to mean "those who came down from above" or "those who descended to earth" or "people of the fiery rockets" (see The Twelfth Planet, pp. vii, 128ff.)  This may fit conveniently with his idea of seeing the Nephilim as ancient astronauts but it doesn’t fit with the actually meaning of the original word: giants!

“There were [Nephilim] giants in the earth in those days; and also after that [ie. after those days of the flood], when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them [Nephilim], the same [ie. the children] became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” (from Genesis 6:4 in the Bible - KJV).


Sitchin is rightly accused of presenting a pseudoscience that cannot be backed up by real empirical facts.  

If the Anunnaki, are real beings, they most certainly did not come from a non-existent planet (Nibiru) which, if it was coming our way, would be clearly visible by now to thousands of amateur astronomers all over the world.   The Anunnaki are also not the same as the Nephilim since as we read in the Genesis 6 passage, ‘Nephilim’ means ‘giant’ and refers to the OFFSPRING of a union between humans and ‘the sons of God’ (fallen angels/demons/Anunnaki?).  The Nephilim are the offspring of the ‘sons of God’ (Anunnaki) NOT the ‘sons of God’ themselves.  

The biblical account of the activity of these ‘sons of God’ (fallen angels/demons) tells us that humanity is not alone and that we have an enemy who is trying to destroy us by very deceptive means.   While Anunnaki are not extra-terrestrial beings, their activity in interfering in the human race fits very well with the activity of the ‘sons of God’ described in Genesis 6, and the ‘devil’ (who appeared in the form of a snake) in Genesis 3.  

To read more on whom the Nephilim are, visit: Return of the Nephilim

Annunaki - part of an end of the world deception?

This article considers what ancient Sumerian texts say about Annunaki, biblical texts about Nephilim and a possible 2012  end of the world demonic deception.  To understand where the Annunaki fit into an end of the world doomsday scenario, a demonic deception unlike any other, it is important to give some background.  The background does not focus specifically on the Annunaki but is essential to get the full picture.  Hopefully all will become clear as you read on.

Question: "Could an alien deception be part of the end times?"

Answer: We know that the events surrounding the end times, as described in the Bible, will include a powerful deception (Matthew 24:24). Recently, interest has been rising in the theory that this deception will include alien beings from another planet. Odd as it may seem, this theory is entirely plausible from a Christian perspective. Although the Bible gives us no word about whether or not aliens exist—there is no inclusion of them in the creation account in Genesis, and no mention of them elsewhere—the Bible does tell us about visitors from another world—the spiritual world.

Since the beginning, instances of demons (fallen angels) visiting the earth have been witnessed and recorded. We know from Eve’s encounter with Satan that demons are interested in monitoring (and altering) the progress of humanity. They want to be involved, with the goal of drawing humanity away from the worship of God and turning mankind’s attention instead to them.

Another notable instance of their interaction with us is found in Genesis 6:4 with the arrival of the "sons of God." The Genesis account states that these powerful beings had sexual intercourse with women and produced a super race of beings known as the Nephilim [Nephilim is translated as "giants" in the King James Version of the Bible]. This sounds like the stuff of science fiction, yet it is right there in the Bible. There are striking similarities between this account and the accounts of other ancient cultures. The writings of the ancient Sumerians, for example (who were the first to produce a written language) mentions the presence of the “Anunnaki” who were deities that came from heaven to dwell on earth with men. It is also interesting to note that the Sumerians’ gods often came to them in the form of snakes.

[Reptilian like humans (goddesses) - shape shifters to some - are depicted in some ancient artifacts as nursing human infants. British writer and ex BBC sports presenter, David Icke says the Anunnaki are reptilian shape shifters from the constellation Draco who live in tunnels under the earth. David Icke believes there is a covert group called the Babylonian Brotherhood who are reptilian humanoids and who control humanity. According to Icke, these beings have been in key positions of power down through the ages and more recently have included powerful world figures such as George W. Bush and Queen Elizabeth II.]

These accounts, seen alongside the amazing things created by ancient man, make it possible to theorize that demons, in the form of beings from another world, came to earth, bringing spectacular wisdom and knowledge to men, and “intermarrying” with their daughters in an attempt to draw men away from God. We already see from Eve’s experience with the serpent that demons will use the temptation of superior wisdom to ensnare man and that man is very susceptible to it.

Could the end times include a similar alien deception? The Bible doesn’t directly address the issue, but it is certainly plausible, for a variety of reasons. First, the Bible tells us that the world will unite under the power of the Antichrist. In order to achieve an agreement between all the world’s religions, it would make sense for the “uniter” to come from an entirely new source—an extraterrestrial source. It is hard to imagine one religion becoming head of all the others, unless new, unearthly knowledge were the source of the appeal and power of the new “religion.” This would be in keeping with past deceptions and would be a very effective way to deceive a large number of people.

Secondly, this deception could provide an answer to the problem of earth’s origins. The scientific theory that evolution of life on earth was spontaneously generated still has no answer for life’s beginnings. There is evidence for a “big bang,” but that still doesn’t explain what caused the big bang to occur. If alien beings arrived and gave us an extra-terrestrial explanation for life on earth, the origins of the world religions, and even the origins of our planet, it would be very persuasive.

That said, we should not fear. The Lord has said that He will not leave us or forsake us, and that He will protect us (1 Kings 8:57; Matthew 10:31; Isaiah 41:10). Demons / angels are not omnipotent, nor are they omnipresent. Jesus said that in the end times His appearing would be like the lightning—easily visible to all. He said to be wary of any being that says “I am the Christ” or any group that said “He’s over there” or “He’s in here” (Matthew 24:23-24). He said that vultures gather around a dead body, meaning that if you see a group of people gathering around someone claiming to be Christ, that person is death and a false prophet.

We should be wary of any person or being that produces signs and wonders without biblical fidelity or the presence of obedience to the Lord Jesus, anyone who provides a way to unite the world religions or governments (Revelation 13:5-8), any being that promotes unnatural sexual relationships (Genesis 6:4; Jude 1:6-7), and of course, any person that denies that Jesus is God (2 John 1:7). Furthermore, anyone who presents a “substitute” Jesus, who represents Him as “a god but not the God” or who claims He was merely a good teacher, simply a human, or even a super-human or an alien creature, is a deceiver.

Lastly, if demons manifesting as aliens are part of the end times, we should remember that they too are created beings, subject to a sovereign God, and ultimately answerable to Him. Whether in alien form or not, the descriptions of demons in Revelation are frightening (Revelation 9:1-12), but we should not fear those who can kill the body, but only Him who can kill the body and the soul in hell (Matthew 10:28). No matter what happens to us on the earth, we should trust that the Lord is the Savior, Redeemer, and Protector of the souls of those who put their trust in Him (Psalm 9:10; 22:5).

[The above article is printed with permission from our friends at GotQusestions.Org]

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