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Alien Invasion - 2012?

In this 2012 Answers presentation we look at the question: will there be an extra-terrestrial alien invasion on December 21, 2012. The answer is NO. Here are 10 reasons why you should not expect any little or big, green or grey, men or women, from outer space on December 21, 2012 or any time in the future. At this point, you can watch the video or read the text.

1. Speed kills. Travelling at the speed of the space probe Voyager 1 it would take about 76,000 years (or 2,500 generations) to reach Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Solar System. Travelling at the fastest speed of Helios 2 during its gravitational sling shot round the sun, it would take about 19,000 years (or over 600 generations) to reach the nearest solar system. There are two problems here. (1) Even if we went at a FRACTION of these speeds and collided with a small rock on the way the ship would be utterly destroyed. (2) Where would you keep the food, not to mention the people, for 600 generations! So, even if life did exist on another planet, it's irrelevant…. They wouldn’t make it to earth for us to prove they exist and vice versa. We will not see any end of the world 2012 Alien Invasion on December 21, or any other date.

2. We can't find them. It’s the year 2012 and still nothing! For example, the organisation SETI which stands for Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, has been around since 1960. SETI has been scanning the skies like crazy looking for signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence. But after all those years and all that electromagnetic data from scanning light years into space they have nothing to show for it. Nada. Zip, Zilch. Zero.

3. No Space junk. Earthlings have littered the solar system with tons of space junk and yet no one has come forward with anything that can be proved beyond all reasonable doubt to have been left behind by one of these many supposed visitors from other planets.

4. Government secrets. Some say the UFO space junk does exist but it's being kept hidden by governments! But governments are not very good at keeping secrets… Closed circuit TV and other surveillance equipment also make secrets hard to keep. Just read the newspapers, and then there's the wikileaks saga.. Those who think the media is involved in a cover-up have no idea how much journalists would give, for a scoop of this magnitude. And remember, the cover-up would now need to have been on-going flawlessly for generations to support the theory of a government conspiracy. There would also have to be a perfect intergovernmental worldwide conspiracy to keep just one government quite. The only government conspiracy about aliens is the one that wants people to think aliens exist as a threat in 2012 and beyond, so the government can keep building more weapons.

5. No indisputable visible evidence. Fuzzy film/video footage doesn't count. We need the raw material. This raw material needs to be testable, repeatable and observable in real life.

6. Story Tellers. There are lots of stories, personal testimonies of sightings or abductions but these do not amount to hard evidence. They have not resulted in the capture of anything alien. There were many stories of UFOs and alien spaceships in the 1950s. The Aliens were among us, apparently, and came from within the Solar system. They were from Venus, Mars and the outer moons of Jupiter and Saturn. The government as usual was conspiring to keep this information from us but the proof that they came from these planets was out there… somewhere. We just had to find it. There were even a few religions founded by this phenomenon. Then the United States and Russia started sending probes to explore these planets and found them very inhospitable to life… and all of a sudden these aliens were quietly moved out of the neighborhood to other star systems. Now in 2012 as it has been for some time now, all aliens travel faster than light and come from far far away. Of course the "proof" is still out there somewhere just further away, that's all.

7. Alien beings are too quiet. Why is it that they can get here, but they do not communicate, especially with world leaders or journalists? Perhaps they are afraid of spooking us. Guess what? Some are already spooked and if aliens are smart enough to get here, then they should be smart enough to understand that fact… and take advantage of it. If aliens exist and they have the intelligence to travel light years through space, and be here on planet earth right now in 2012, then surely they would not be afraid of us. And so whether their purpose was peaceful or not, they would have made contact by now. Otherwise, why travel millions of light years across the universe (if it were actually possible) just to create an alien conspiracy. Perhaps, they don’t have movie technology and wanted to see what one looked like! Maybe they wanted to create an end of the world 2012 movie like the one that went worldwide in November 2009.

8. Radio waves. If there were Aliens and UFOs in other star systems they probably would have been there for thousands of years. That means that any early communication technology like radio waves would be floating around and traveling to other stars for those same thousands and hundreds of years. So those radio waves should have reached earth by now before any aliens arrived in person. This reason is because it’s logical to presume radio wave communication would be invented before traveling between the stars. But for some strange reason the alien UFOs have gotten here first, before radio waves! So, apparently, we’ve got the UFOs and the aliens that came with them, but not their radio waves. Does that not sound a little strange to you? As a matter of fact if these aliens can travel faster than light shouldn't these radio waves still be out there ready to be received by our antennas.

9. Contradictions. Those who believe in aliens claim aliens came to earth long ago but today they say, aliens are no longer here. They are still predicting an alien arrival or invasion at some future date. 2012? This contradicts all the so-called alleged alien siting’s and abductions in our modern day. If aliens are no longer here, then what are these UFO sighting and abductions all about?

  10. There is a better explanation… for the alien phenomena than to suggest these experiences are the result of extra-terrestrial beings. …. Let’s be sure about one thing though. Since the people claiming these experiences about aliens, UFOs, abductions are not all mad and as they come from many different professions, cultures and social backgrounds all over the world, it’s clear that they are not ALL making things up. Yet if their stories cannot be reasonably explained as encounters with extra-terrestrial intelligent beings then what did they actually encounter? There are only 4 possible answers lefts:

(1) Their experience was a result of natural phenomena such as the northern lights, (2) What people encountered was some kind of human technology such as an advanced form of laser lights. (3) Some people are suffering from paranoia and they needed psychiatric help. (4) These people had a paranormal encounter.

It’s not that difficult to understand that some of these experiences can be explained as natural phenomena, human technology, and paranoia. This brings us to the paranormal and the conclusion that if there is intelligent life out there; it is not from another planet but from another dimension.

Some would call this a spiritual dimension. A spiritual dimension that can interact with our physical dimension. The Bible has names for these beings from a different dimension. It calls them either angels or demons. And it gives examples of humans encountering these spiritual beings. Some with good outcomes and some with evil. It also warns that in the last days, we should expect increased activity from this spiritual realm. To find out more about this and topics such as the Nephilim and the Annunaki, please visit end of the world dot net and click on the Aliens and 2012 link. One of the sources we get our information from had top level clearance in the Intelligence community. Please check out what he has to say.

Finally, aliens from another planet do not exist.

Click on the Aliens and 2012 link to find out more.

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